Kyung Jae Lee
Kyung Jae Lee
Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Texas A&M University
Office Location: ERP 1A, Room 192G
Email: kjlee6 [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu


Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 2014
M.S. Energy System Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2011
B.S. Energy Resources Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2009

Professional Experience: 

Assistant Professor, University of Houston, September 2017-Present
Geological Postdoc Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, January 2015- August 2017
Graduate Research Assistant, Texas A&M University, September 2011-December 2014
Research Associate, Energy Research Institute of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, March-August 2011
Graduate Research Assistant, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, March 2009-February 2011

Research Interests: 

Numerical and theoretical research on fluid transport and heat flow in porous/fractured media

Modeling of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs—oil shale, shale gas, methane hydrates, heavy oil, bitumen

Forward simulation and inverse modeling of diverse processes applied in subsurface energy systems—chemical/thermal enhanced recovery, in-situ upgrading, cyclic steam stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, CO2 sequestration, CO2 push-pull

Applications—economic production of unconventional resources, environmental effects of hydrocarbon production, control and protection of groundwater, enhanced geothermal systems

Selected Professional Activities/Honors: 

Texas A&M Energy Institute Fellowship funded by ConocoPhillips, 2014
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE Korea) Scholarship, 2010-2011
Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) Scholarship, 2009-2011
Brain Korea 21 Research Fellowship, 2009-2011
Association of Energy Resources Engineering Alumni Scholarship of Seoul National University, 2009
Excellent Student Paper Award from Mine Reclamation Corporation of Korea, 2008
Seoul National University Scholarship, 2005-2009
(Scholarly Service) Reviewer of peer-review journals: Fuel, Geofluids, Energy Exploration & Exploitation, International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology

Selected Publications: 

Foxall, W. Doughty, C. Lee, K. Nakagawa, S. Daley, T. Burton, E. Layland-Bachmann, C. Borglin, S. Freeman, K. Ajo-Franklin, J. Jordan, P. Kneafsey, T. Oldenburg, C. and Ulrich, C. 2017. Investigation of Potential Induced Seismicity Related to Geologic Carbon Dioixide Sequestration in California. CEC-500-2017-028.

Lee, K. Moridis, G.J. and Ehlig-Economides, C.A. 2017. Numerical Simulation of Diverse Thermal In-situ Upgrading Processes for the Hydrocarbon Production from Kerogen in Oil Shale Reservoirs. Energy Exploration & Exploitation. 35 (3): 315-337.

Lee, K. Moridis, G.J. and Ehlig-Economides, C.A. 2017. Compositional Simulation of Hydrocarbon Recovery from Oil Shale Reservoirs with Diverse Initial Saturations of Fluid Phases by Various Thermal Processes. Energy Exploration & Exploitation. 35 (2): 172-193.

Lee, K. Moridis, G.J. and Ehlig-Economides, C.A. 2016. In-situ Upgrading of Oil Shale by Steamfrac in Multistage Transverse Fractured Horizontal Well System. Energy Sources Part A : Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects.38 (20): 3034-3041.

Lee, K. Moridis, G. J. and Ehlig-Economides, C. A. 2016. A Comprehensive Simulation Model of Kerogen Pyrolysis for the In-situ Upgrading of Oil Shales. SPE Journal. 21 (05): 1612-1630.

Lee, K. Bahk, J. And Choe, J. 2015. Numerical Modeling for Temperature and Pressure Distributions in Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediments while Drilling. Energy Sources Part A : Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. 37 (4): 372-383.

Khurshid, I. Lee, K. and Choe, J. 2013. Analyses of Thermal Disturbance in Drilling Deep and High Temperature Formations. Energy Sources Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. 35 (16): 1487-1497.

Lee, K. and Choe, J. 2011. Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Seawater and Circulation Rates for Seafloor Mudline Temperature. Geosystem Engineering. 14 (3): 153-156.

Graduate Students: 

Ph.D. Student: Naveen Krishnaraj

Committe of 1 Ph.D. Student, 1 M.S. Student